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Saving Kyoto

by Graciela Chichilnisky and Kristen A. Sheeran

For the first time in recorded history, humans are altering the planet in ways that endanger its basic life-support systems. Human emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases have changed the Earth’s atmosphere, unleashing potentially catastrophic climate changes that threaten the survival of human civilization.
Saving Kyoto focuses on international efforts to confront the crisis and provides a colourful overview of the history of global climate negotiations, explaining why international cooperation between poor and rich nations has become critical.
The Kyoto Protocol is a historic agreement, the first of its kind to be based on the creation of a new market – a market based on trade in user rights to the global atmospheric commons. Detailing how the Kyoto Protocol originated, the debates
and conflicts leading up to its signing in 1997, the main protagonists behind its creation and the current issues that threaten to undermine it, the book explains the importance of the carbon market – potentially the largest commodity market in the world – from an insider’s perspective.
After reading this book, readers will understand how the carbon market can help to close the global income divide while resolving the climate crisis. They will understand why we need to save Kyoto.


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Book Information for "Saving Kyoto"
Pages: 208 Words:
Size: 198 x 128 ISBN: 9781847734310
Images: graphs/tables Format: paperback with flaps


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Press Reviews of "Saving Kyoto"


"Book of the Month: [Graciella's] first-hand accounts of the rivalries and intrigues that always attend international summiteering are fascinating, as is the rest of this book. It reminds us that the problem is easy to diagnose but incredibly difficult to fix. "

Star Rating:

This review was posted: 01/10/2009 14:58:06 by Geographical

"This book provides a useful backdrop, especially for the uninitiated, to the issues at stake. "

Star Rating:

This review was posted: 30/11/2009 11:13:59 by Times Higher Education

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